Undergraduate placement profiles

For many students undertaking a 12-month placement as part of their degree is the stepping stone to a great career. Find out what our students and graduates think of their time spent on placement.



Lydia Kerr

BSc Management and Organisation (Industry), 2016

Lydia completed her placement year with Atlantic Geomatics based in Penrith.

Kai Wai Crystal Luk

BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Crystal worked with the Dongfeng Race Team around the world for her placement year.

Andrew Crickmore

BA Business Economics/Placement, 2016

Andrew worked as a Commercial Vehicles Finance Analyst for his placement year.

Sofia Guimaraes

BBA Management, 2016

Sofia worked as a Brand and Shopper Marketing Executive with GSK for her placement year.

Simona Dimitrova

BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Simona spent her placement year working on internal communications with Airbus.

Vikesh Gosai

BBA Management, 2016

Vikesh spent his placement year with IBM.

Elena Evgenieva

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2016

Elena worked in corporate marketing with Lucite International for her placement year.

Helen Thompson

BSc Management and Information Technology, 2016

Helen worked with GBUK Healthcare for her placement year.

Geoff Barr

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2016

Geoff completed his placement working with G-Care Medical Ltd in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Emily Parker

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2016

Emily completed her placement with Cherith Simmons Learning & Development based in Surrey.

Eva Simpson-Fryer

BA Management Studies and European Languages, 2016

Eva worked in Cologne, Germany with tsd-int – Technik Sprachendienst for her placement year.

Evgeni Terziev

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2016

Evgeni completed his placement with the start-up organisation 2.0 concepts.