Your Placement Experience

The best source for information on what our students do while on placement is the LUMS Placement Profiles; the profiles include details on the companies and locations were students did their placement; a description of their job role; information on the responsibilities that they held and also additional information on what they enjoyed and gained from the experience.

Placement Roles

Our students can be found in a wide range of roles including; Marketing Assistant, Business Analyst, Sales Coordinator, Auditor; HR Assistant; Brand Strategist and Logistics Intern- the possibilities for your placement year are endless.

It is very important that while on your placement you are working in a suitable job role which is at an appropriate level. Our placement students are well educated and capable people so it is essential that they are in a position that reflects this - you will not spend your placement year making teas and doing the photocopying.

It is important to remember that for the 12 months you are on placement you are considered an employee of that organisation and thus will be treated in the same way you would if you were employed as a graduate. The most common comment that we receive from our returning placement students is that they were really surprised with the amount of responsibility that they were provided with and this is what makes the placement experience extremely valuable.

Skills Developed

Your industrial placement allows you to take the academic knowledge you have gained in your first two years of university and apply it in a professional and practical environment.

While on placement you will develop skills that will not only assist you with further employment but they will be of great benefit to you when you return for your final year of study at LUMS.

An industrial placement gives you the opportunity to experience team-based working which is something that is not experienced as much in your academic work. These team-based experiences allow you to develop your existing time management and problem-solving skills with the ability to work collaboratively. This skill will prove to be of great benefit in your final year of university when dealing with group work and projects.

It is noted that students returning from their placements are much more mature and able to see their academic subject in a much wider perspective as they have been able to see first-hand how the degree subject transpires into practical application.

Graduate recruiters look for applicants with work experience, commercial awareness, professionalism and a good work ethic and students who have undertaken an industrial placement have all these attributes and more - this is what makes them more employable.