Study abroad opportunities

Spending time living and studying in another country can be enormously enriching, and for many students it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. It allows you to experience a different culture, make new friends, and learn more about life elsewhere and about yourself.

‌It’s a great confidence-booster and, besides being enormous fun, it’s also an excellent addition to your CV – signalling to employers your adaptability and your readiness to take on new challenges.

That’s why, at Lancaster, we have a long tradition of sending students abroad to study – and welcoming students from other institutions, too. We have exchange agreements with prestigious universities all over the world and many of our undergraduate degree programmes include an integral year spent studying at a top university in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia or Australasia.

Some of those programmes, like our BBA in International Business Management with its two years abroad, even give you the opportunity to both study and work in another country. Find out more about programmes you apply for via UCAS

But you don’t necessarily have to enrol on one of those programmes from the start – the flexibility of our degree schemes mean you could still choose to compete for a place on our Study Abroad scheme during your first year, provided you have performed well enough in your academic studies. 

When would I go?

The year abroad is normally the second year of your degree*. That means you can gain that international experience without having to extend your period of study. Choosing your studies carefully is important, to ensure that they complement the subjects you are studying at Lancaster, but your Study Abroad Advisor will help to devise a programme that fits well, and will be on hand to help you at any point during your year.

* This is not open to Accounting and Finance students who cannot go abroad in Year 2 because of the requirements for professional accreditation.

If you don’t want to spend a whole year abroad,  there are shorter programmes on some of our degrees, including those in Accounting and Finance, which enable you to spend a term or semester abroad in your third year.

Summer schools

Another popular option is to apply to attend an international summer school at one of our partner universities. In previous years, LUMS students have attended summer schools in Europe and Asia – and often there are no tuition fees to pay. To find out more, contact the LUMS International Office.

When you start at LUMS, you can find out more about all our Study Abroad opportunities as we also hold special promotional events to give you a taste of what is on offer.

Lancaster Study Abroad Fair

The Study Abroad Fair is designed to give students a taste of the excitement of a year spent overseas at one of Lancaster's many partner universities. 

View more Study Abroad videos, in which students talk about their experience studying in the USA and Australia.