The Materials Science Institute is comprised of over 200 world-leading academics with extensive expertise in both research and industry engagement across our research themes.

Operations Group

Professor Rob Short FTSE

Professor and Director of the Materials Science Institute

Jitixa McMahon

Research Institute Administrator

Dr Nuno Bimbo

Porous materials; adsorption of gases

Dr David Cheneler

Additive manufacturing; micro-engineering

Dr Timothy Douglas

Organic coatings based on extracellular matrix

Dr John Griffin

Molecular structural and dynamic characterisation of solids; molecular level modelling of solids

Dr Samuel Jarvis

Single molecule and atomic resolution imaging and characterisation; scanning probe microscopy

Professor Andrew Kennedy

Chair of Advanced Manufacturing group, Engineering Department

Professor Oleg Kolosov

Nanoscale characterisation of materials; thermal, mechanical, electrical properties

Dr Samuel Murphy

Atomistic modelling, electronic structure and molecular mechanics; nuclear materials, defects and radiation damage

Dr Benjamin Robinson

Ultra-thin film fabrication; surface functionalisation with organic molecules

Dr Svetlana Zolotovskaya

Surface (laser) processing of silver nanoparticles for SERS; medical diagnostics