Dr Benjamin Robinson FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Physics and Functional Materials


I hold a 50th anniversary lectureship in Physics and Functional Materials based within the Physics Department and the new Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University.

Current research interests

My research interests are highly interdisciplinary and concern advanced functional materials, surfaces and interfaces. I have authored or co-authored on more than 20 peer reviewed journal articles. Currently I am focusing on the following distinct themes:

• The design, synthesis and characterisation of nanoscale materials and devices including single molecule and nanoscale organic electronic systems and 2D materials and their applications.

• Advanced scanning probe microscopy for quantitative multi-parametric nanoscale mapping of material physical properties including nanomechanical, nanothermal and nanoelectromechanical responses.

• Interaction of materials with their local environment or medium of device deployment including interaction with substrates, liquid immersion and controlled humidity – high vacuum.


Immediately prior to my lectureship, I was a senior research associate in the Physics department at Lancaster University where I was the work-package leader (SThM experiments and measurements) of the major European Commission programme ‘QUANTIHEAT’ (QUANTItative scanning probe microscopy techniques for HEAT transfer management in nanomaterials and nanodevices FP7-NMP-2013-LARGE-7) involving twenty international partners from academia and industry; previously I was the work-package (graphene characterisation and modelling) leader on 'GRENADA' (GRaphenE for NAnoscaleD Applications, FP7/2007-2013). Additionally, I have conducted research at University of Queensland, Daresbury Laboratory and Cranfield University.

I have a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wales (Supervisor Prof. Geoff Ashwell) and an MPhys from Sheffield University.

During my PhD I was awarded the 2007 Royal Society of Chemistry, Philip Lynn Adams memorial prize.