Karena Kyne attends the Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium

1 November 2017 12:00
Karena Kyne attends the Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium

Karena was selected to present alongside military personnel and fellow researchers by Mr. Howard Buffet, from Columbia University and the School of International and Public Affairs, who moderated the panel titled New Thinking on Deterrence. Karena’s paper was called Impacts of the Accelerated Pace of Technological Change on Military Logistics where she spoke about the shifting ontologies of hybrid war and logistics.

She argued that the pace of technological change needs to be considered in order to support new ways of mobilizing innovative capabilities and insure flexibility in bureaucratic process and, importantly to make conceptual space for new methods of thinking through the ‘speed, scale and scope’ of modern war and its logistics.

The event closed with some words from General Hyten – Air Force General and Commander of United States Strategic Command who said “I love the Buffet panel … because each of them I probably disagree with more than any other group of people on stage …and the more I think about what you say and the more you challenge me to think about what I think, is unbelievably important.”

The panel took place in front of an audience of 650 from a range geographical locations and interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Watch the video of Karena’s panel here.

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