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Conference Papers and other Presentations


Fowler, Z. and Ivanic, R. (2005) Literacies for Learning on Vocational Courses National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (NRDC) International Conference Presentation. Rugby, April 2005.

LfLFE Research Project Team ( 2005): Literacies for Learning in FE in the UK : a symposium at the CRLL International Conference, What a difference a pedagogy makes: Researching Lifelong Learning and Teaching, Stirling University, June 2005: (also see Publications).

Brzeski, A. and Fowler, Z. Researching with students: Challenges and Possibilities

Satchwell, C. and Ivanic, R. (2005) Discourses in place' in Coulson's training restaurant. Literacy Research Discussion Group, Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, October 2005.

LfLFE Research Project Team (2005) Textually Mediated Teaching, Learning and Lives TLRP Conference, Warwick November, 2005.


Brzeski, A., Fowler, Z. and Satchwell, C. (2006) Part of the Cert. Ed. Inclusive Learning Module at Preston College, January 2006

Satchwell, C. (2006) Presentation at the North West Skills for Life Research Forum From Plumbing to Punctuation. Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, June 2006


Ivanic, R. (2007) Students' everyday literacy practices as resources for learning across the Further Education curriculum Research into Further Education: Implications and Implementation for Policy & Practice , CRLL 18th Scottish Forum on Lifelong Learning Glasgow Caledonian University , 20th February 2007

Ivanic, R. (2007) Presentation to NIACE Conference Embedding and Integrating LLN 8th March 2007.

Ivanic, R., Edwards, R., Mannion, G. and Smith, J. (2007) Presentation to SQA, Glasgow, April 2007

Ivanic, R., Satchwell, C. and Brzeski, A. ( 2007) Presentation to Preston College, May 2007

Satchwell, C. and Ivanic, R. (2007) Presentation to Manchester Metropolitan University Conference 'Making the most of research in your practice' on 10th May 2007


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