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Case Studies and Innovations

In the course of the research the team produced case studies of the everyday reading and writing of over 100 students, and of literacy practices on over 30 units of study.

Below is a selection of these which gives a flavour of the whole data set. These case studies can be used for training and other purposes.


Real life literacies:

To illustrate the variety of uses of reading and writing in students' everyday lives, here are

five examples of literacies in real life.


Student case studies:

To illustrate the range of uses of reading and writing in individual students' lives, here are two student case studies.

Katy and Pauline


Unit case studies with innovations:

To illustrate the way in which reading and writing mediate learning on different Further Education courses, here are three unit case studies. Each unit case study provides a detailed description of the course and the uses of reading and writing on it. It then describes the changes in practice ('innovations') which tutors introduced as a result of the project, and discusses how well they worked and why.

Catering (Food and Drink)

Catering (Unit Level One)

Child Care BTEC Unit


Two more examples of changes in practice


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