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Project Description

Types of literacy practiceThe Literacies for Learning in Further Education (LfLFE) project was a collaboration between two universities - Stirling and Lancaster - and four colleges, Anniesland, Lancaster and Morecambe, Preston and Perth.

The Introduction to the project provides an overview of the funding, the theoretical background, and a summary of the aims of the research.

The original Project bid provides further detail about the aims and objectives, theoretical background, research design and methodology for the project. This is the full-length research proposal which accompanied our bid to the ESRC for funding within the Teaching and Learning Research Programme. Some adjustments were made to this in response to feedback from reviewers, and the requirement by the ESRC to reduce the budget for the research.

Our Introductory poster provides an overview of the aims and scope of the project.


Research design and methodology

The Literacies for Learning in Further Education project used ethnographic and collaborative research methods, including interviews and observation to investigate the resources students bring with them to their studies and the requirements of their courses.

The three phases of the research are explained in the Introduction to research processes ;

The research design involved four Partner Colleges and eleven Curriculum Areas ;

Methods of data collection and Methods of data analysis provide details of these processes for each phase;

The project design involved Collaboration between further and higher education partners;

The project developed a policy for addressing Ethical issues ;

User engagement activities were integrated throughout the project addressing a range of audiences including policy, practice and academic audiences at local, regional and national levels;

Some of these presentations are available as Conference Papers and other Presentations.


About the research


Introduction to the project


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