The Distance Mode of MA in Values and the Environment at Lancaster University

Who Should Apply?

Our current and past MA students have taken on the challenge of this level of study for a range of reasons. Some have completed a degree and wish to continue study in more depth and to specialise in an area that they encountered in their undergraduate studies. Others have a definite aim to go further with academic work and aim to eventually complete an MPhil or PhD and see the MA as a necessary first step to engage with specific questions and develop their ability in research. We also have students, and are keen to attract more, who have been working in the area of environment, e.g., in conservation groups, government departments or NGOs, and the MA can provide a useful aspect of professional development. We particularly welcome part-time students in relevant organisations taking a work based problem as the focus for their dissertation.

In general we expect students to already have a degree with a degree class of at least a 2.1 (UK) or GPA of 3.3 (U.S.) although we do take into account work experience and and/or a shift in interests. The discipline of your first degree is not crucial, a first degree in philosophy is helpful, but we do not anticipate this and the modules are designed to give you an induction into philosophical ways of thinking, there is extra help available if you need it. If you are thinking of applying, but do not fit the usual postgrad profile do email Isis Brook, who looks after the distance programme, to discuss your background.

The most important quality for distance learning is motivation, so a concern for the environment and a desire to approach environmental questions from a considered viewpoint will stand you in good stead for taking AwayMAVE.

To apply you need to download the application forms from Lancaster's web site and fill them in. You will need two referees. If you have any questions do contact Isis Brook or Christine Dundas and they can advise you.

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