The Distance Mode of MA in Values and the Environment at Lancaster University


As a very general introduction to Environmental Philosophy the following two books are useful preparatory reading.

V. Pratt, J. Howarth and E. Brady, Environment and Philosophy (London: Routledge, 2000). Or

Benson, John Environmental Ethics: An Introduction with Readings (London: Routledge, 2000)
This text is used by the Open University and it has discussions and exercises which would provide excellent practice if you are returning to study after some time or new to philosophy.

The AwayMAVE course relies on you having your own copy of a core text for most of the modules and you are sent readings, or they are put on the discussion site for you to download, to supplement these. Further preparatory reading would be any of the core texts given below.

Light, A and Rolston, H. eds Environmental Ethics: An Anthology (London: Blackwell, 2003).

Aldo Leopold The Sand County Almanac

Donald Worster Nature's Economy

S. Kemal and I. Gaskell (eds.) Landscape, Natural Beauty and the Arts (1993)

Brady, E. Aesthetics of the Natural Environment (Edinburgh University Press, 2003)


More difficult, but useful nevertheless are

Ted Toadvine and Charles S. Brown, eds., Eco-Phenomenology: Back to the Earth itself (SUNY Press, 2002) (more focused on 20th century approaches)

William Leiss The Domination of Nature

A useful text if you are new to philosophy is:

Thompson, A. Critical Reasoning in Ethics (London: Routledge 2001)


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