The Distance Mode of MA in Values and the Environment at Lancaster University

Course description

Lancaster's MAVE course Launched in 1989 was the first MA programme of its type in the world, and remains a leader in the field. AwayMAVE is the same course but delivered by distance learning. The same modules are taught by the same tutors at the same time as they are delivered at Lancaster and the two groups of students can communicate through asynchronous discussion.

Based at home or at work, as a distance learner you carry out a structured programme of reading and writing, receiving tutorial assistance and support, and the opportunity for discussion with other students, via the internet. Not all of the modules at Lancaster are available for distance learners but a broad selection that includes all the key ones is now available and more will be prepared in the future.

Modules generally available by distance are:

502 Land as Community
505 Phenomenology and the Environment
506 Conceptions of Plants, Animals and Nature
503 Environmental Ethics
407 Aesthetics and the Environment
508 Nature in Continental Philosophy
504 Science and the Domination of Nature
511 Environmental Decision making
526 Contested Natures

Not all modules run every year and the planned modules for the coming year are set out here.

The field trip module is also of great value to distance students as it is a one week intensive that gives you a very helpful opportunity to meet the other students and some tutors.
412 Conservation in Practice - field trip.

AwayMAVE can be taken full time over one year (October - September) or part time over two years. Students take five modules and complete a dissertation supported by one of the module tutors or another member of staff to suit the topic chosen. The assessment is based on written work for each of the modules and a dissertation. To take the course you will need access to the internet and an email address.

For the duration of the module you are in email contact with the module tutor and for general support and guidance over the duration of the MA you are in email contact with the Director of the distance programme.

Our distance learners are encouraged if at all possible to visit Lancaster from time to time. Though the distance mode makes possible a really worthwhile learning experience, it can be really difficult sometimes to maintain motivation and a little bit of real contact goes a long way!

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