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WELCOME to the new academic year

John O'Neill has now left IPPP, but he wishes you all well with your studies. The support person for distance learners and this year's convenor for AwayMAVE is David Littlewood. This year's convenor for MAVE is Cain Todd, and the current Director of MA studies for IPPP is Brian Garvey. IPPP's postgraduate secretary is Christine Dundas.

MAVE modules available this year

Below is a list of modules available to our students this academic year - please note that the modules listed are either available in distance mode or available in proximal mode (and no module is available in both)

Modules available 2006-7
Code Title Mode Term
IPP.502 Land as a Community distance Michaelmas
IPP.503 Environmental Ethics distance TBC
IPP.504 Science and the Domination of Nature distance Michaelmas
IPP.507 Aesthetics and the Environment distance TBC
IPP.508 Nature in European and Romantic Thought distance Summer
IPP.511 Environmental Decision Making distance Lent
IPP.513 Philosophy of Technology proximal Lent
IPP.514 Philosophy of Biology and Conservation proximal Michaelmas

If you have any queries about module availability or related issues, please contact David, Cain or Christine.


Here is this year's updated MAVE handbook

Discussion site

In this final year of MAVE at Lancaster, and with the reduced number of students taking modules, we are encouraging students from all modules to post all discussion site contributions to the Cafe discussion area so as to maximise the prospects for group discussion. Why not go there now a leave a message - let people know you are around.


Ok - it is early days yet, but not too early to begin thinking about your dissertation topic, and who you might like to ask to be your supervisor. Now might be a good time to take a first look at this list of potential dissertation supervisors.

More information about the dissertation, what it involves, guidance on how to approach the task, and more besides can be found on the MAVE dissertation webpages.

When you reach the stage of having a basic agreement with your dissertation supervisor you should download the dissertation contract form, record what has been agreed and send a copy to your supervisor for consideration and (potential) agreement. This should be viewed as a two-way process, in which you negotiate a shared understanding or what you expect from each other (so you should be prepared to send the contract back and forth a bit of needs be).


Christine has asked us to bear in mind that you should attach a cover sheet for any essays you submit.

Download the cover sheet

Links to the module home pages

503 - Environmental Ethics

504 - Science and the Domination of Nature

505 - Phenomenology and Environment (resource only - not running this academic year)

506 - Conceptualizations of animals plants and nature .... (resource only)

507 - Aesthetics and the Environment

508 - Nature in Romantic and European Thought

510 - Politics and the Environment (resource only)

511 - Environmental Decision Making

Other important links

Discussion forum for all modules (password needed)

Essay writing guidance this links to one of the best sites available

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