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From Staying Home to Staying Alert:

What does the PM's new plan mean for workers?

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The Work Foundation transforms people’s experience of work and the labour market through high quality applied research that influences public policies and organisational practices while empowering individuals.

Through its rigorous research programmes targeting organisations, cities, regions and economies, the Work Foundation is a leading provider of analysis, evaluation, policy advice and know-how in the UK and beyond.

The Work Foundation addresses the fundamental question of what Good Work for all means: this is a complex and evolving concept. Good Work by necessity encapsulates the importance of productivity and skills needs, the consequences of technological innovation, and of good working practices. The impact of local economic development, of potential disrupters to work from wider-economic governmental and societal pressures, as well as the business needs of different types of organisations can all influence our understanding of what makes work good. Central to the concept of Good Work is how these and other factors impact on the wellbeing of the individual whether in employment or seeking to enter the workforce.