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Digital Boundaries and Disconnection at Work – A Guide for Employers

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  • “Unpaid minutes are a sign of the times”: financial insecurity in the gig economy

    The Covid-19 pandemic prompted a surge in demand for courier and food delivery services in the UK. However, gig work is highly financially insecure. Recent research from Lancaster University highlights how unpaid waiting time plays a significant role in lowering average earnings for bike couriers and suggests new avenues to shift power to couriers.

  • What can we learn from family businesses in a changing world?

    Family businesses employ 14 million people in the UK, accounting for roughly half of all private sector employment. And given how they are constituted and the longevity that many have enjoyed, they may also have lessons to teach us about how to be resilient to changes in the labour market and the economy more widely.

  • What are other countries doing to mitigate against the cost of living crisis?

    The global cost of living crisis that we are now experiencing is not going to go away anytime soon, particularly as the Russian invasion of Ukraine creates further global uncertainty over oil supply, pushing up already steep prices. With Government and workers in the UK facing tough choices, the Work Foundation has looked at how other Governments are tackling the crisis.