The Work Foundation

The Work Foundation is the leading think tank for improving work in the UK. We have been an authoritative, independent source of ideas and analysis on the labour market and the wider economy for over a hundred years.

Our History

The Work Foundation builds upon the legacy of the Industrial Society, out of which we were born in 2002. Since our establishment by Sir Robert Hyde on 3 April 1918, we have campaigned to improve the quality of working life through advocacy, research and practical interventions.

Our mission

As the pace of economic change continues to disrupt the ways we work and do business, our mission is to support everyone in the UK to access rewarding and high quality work and enable businesses to realise the potential of their teams. To do this, we engage directly with practitioners, businesses and workers, producing rigorous applied research that allows us to develop practical solutions and policy recommendations to tackle the challenges facing the world of work. 

Part of a world class Management School

Although based in London, we are part of Lancaster University Management School, and work with a range of academics across our research programmes. This enables us to harness the research produced within the School and provide new and impactful insights for practitioners and policymakers. We also work with a range of external partners and organisations across our various research and engagement activities.