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The UK Insecure Work Index

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  • Room to Grow: Removing barriers to training for people on universal credit

    Many people who receive Universal Credit (UC) face conditionality requirements which can impact on their ability to take part in training activity. Through qualitative interviews, this research explored how the training aspirations of people on UC are influenced by the conditionality requirements they are required to meet.

  • The changing workplace: Enabling disability-inclusive hybrid working

    The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way in which people work, with a rise in remote and hybrid working. While many workers, businesses and sectors have benefited from changing working practices during the pandemic, disabled people bore the brunt of the pandemic’s economic consequences and experienced higher rates of unemployment and redundancies than non-disabled people.

  • What should the next Prime Minister prioritise to prevent a labour market crisis?

    This month’s labour market statistics show early signs of an oncoming crisis, but the UK response to the pandemic has shown that Government intervention in the labour market can be highly effective. In this blog we call on Government to respond with similar strength, implementing bold policy interventions to head off the forecast labour market crisis and offer certainty and stability to workers and employers alike.

  • All workers face tough decisions during the cost of living crisis, but is the Government listening?

    As the cost-of-living crisis continues to escalate, workers across all sectors and employment types are increasingly facing tough decisions. Our Director, Ben Harrison, reflects on taking part in the BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme, and on the challenges facing workers and the Government.

  • Digital Boundaries and Disconnection at Work – A Guide for Employers

    This guide to digital boundaries and disconnection at work, produced jointly by the Work Foundation and Prospect, explores the implications of an 'always on' culture for businesses, teams and individuals, and lays out key principles to help employers develop their own approaches that support workers to fully disengage from work outside of core hours and when on leave.

  • Government misses key opportunity to strengthen worker rights

    The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a response to its employment status consultation, designed to understand if changes to the law were required in order to ensure everyone who is entitled to key employment rights and protections has access to them. While acknowledging the failings of the current system, Government has decided not to change it. This consultation represented a significant opportunity which now appears to have been missed.