Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

Director of REAP, Teaching Fellow


Institutional Development Interests

My university widening participation and equality and diversity work links closely with research and teaching interests.

I am a member of the university's Equality and Diversity Committee, the Widening Participation Co-ordinating Group, Disability and Equality and Diversity Networks, Harassment Network and a senior member of Cartmel College.I was an active member of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science Courses Committee from 2004 to 2014.

Implementing disability policy in teaching and learning contexts: shop floor constructivism or street level bureaucracy?
Wray, M., Houghton, A. 28/06/2018 In: Teaching in Higher Education. 18 p.
Journal article

Inspiring the next generation of researchers: Lancaster Univerisy School University Partnership Initiative
Houghton, A., Taylor, J.E., Wilkinson, A., Baxendale, C.L., Bryan, S., Huttly, S.R.A. 15/04/2018 Lancaster University. 31 p.
Commissioned report

An ongoing challenge and a chance to diversify university outreach to tackle inequality: A reply to OSullivan OTuama and Kenny
Houghton, A. 1/11/2017 In: Global Discourse. 7, 4, p. 539-542. 4 p.
Journal article

Models of support for students with disabilities: Report to HEFCE by Matthew Williams, Emma Pollard, Jamal Langlet (IES) and Ann-Marie Houghton, Joana Zozimo (REAP)
Williams, M., Pollard, E., Langley, J., Houghton, A., Zozimo, J.P. 1/11/2017 Institute for Employment Studies. 134 p.
Commissioned report

Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum: maximising success in higher education
Houghton, A., Anderson, J. 10/07/2017 The Higher Education Academy. 44 p.
Commissioned report

Realising value: Supporting widening participation students including student ambassadors to reach out and reach in to draw connections between learning and employability.
Houghton, A., Mashiter, C. 29/06/2017
Conference paper

Accessing and assessing appropriate widening participation data: an exploration of how data are used and by whom
Holland, N.J., Houghton, A., Armstrong, J.E., Mashiter, C. 06/2017 In: Studies in Continuing Education. 39, 2, p. 214-233. 30 p.
Journal article

Evaluation of the Cumbria and Lancashire Network for Collaborative Outreach (CLNCO)
Houghton, A., Armstrong, J.E., Holland, N.J. 31/01/2017 REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University/ NHS North Lancashire.. 99 p.
Commissioned report

Understanding provision for students with mental health problems and intensive support needs: Report to HEFCE by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and Researching Equity, Access and Partnership (REAP)
Williams, M., Coare, P., Marvell, R., Pollard, E., Houghton, A., Anderson, J. 07/2015 Institute for Employment Studies. 181 p.
Commissioned report

Building inclusivity: engagement, community and belonging in the classroom
O'Mahony, J., Thomas, L., Payens, J., Houghton, A., Ashad, R., Gunn, V., Matthew, B. 2013
Digital or Visual Products

Inclusive Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Considerations for effective practice across and within subject areas
Morgan, H., Houghton, A. 05/2011 The Higher Education Academy.
Commissioned report

Families, a hindrance or a help? : the role of families in the transition of disabled learners into higher education.
Houghton, A. 10/09/2009
Conference paper

Students' and professionals' experience, concerns and issues regarding alcohol use by Lancaster students.
Dempster, S., Houghton, A. 2009 Lancaster : REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University/ NHS North Lancashire.
Working paper

Student diversity, the institutional context and the challenge of creating an inclusive learning environment.
Coare, P., Houghton, A. 07/2008
Conference paper

Refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants: steps on the education and employment progression journey
Houghton, A., Morrice, L. 2008 Leicester : NIACE. ISBN: 9781862019621.

The role of special educational needs co-ordinators in raising disabled students awareness of summer schools in higher education institutions : barriers and bridges.
Houghton, A., Piggott, L. 2008 In: Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning. 10, 1, p. 24-33. 10 p.
Journal article

Disability and transitions from education to work
Piggott, L.A., Houghton, A. 7/09/2007 In: International Journal of Lifelong Education. 26, 5, p. 573-587. 15 p.
Journal article

Disability effective inclusive policies : DEIP issues of transition, disclosure and identity.
Houghton, A. 09/2007
Conference paper

Disability effective inclusive policies: student and staff perspectives on experiences throughout the student lifecycle
Houghton, A. 2006 In: Proceedings of the 36th annual SCUTREA conference : inter-cultural perspectives on research into adult learning : a global dialogue..

Who Needs Outreach to Widen Participation?
Houghton, A. 12/2005 In: Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning. 7, 3, p. 5-15. 11 p.
Journal article

Connecting policy and practice in the refugee integration agenda.
Bellis, A., Fraser, L., Houghton, A., Ward, J. 2005

Getting through the gate is only the first hurdle: a review of disabled students' support needs throughout the student lifecycle
Houghton, A. 2005 In: Proceedings of the 35th annual SCUTREA conference.

An Igglipp or initial guidance learning project : revisiting, revising and reviewing Tough’s notion of a learning project.
Houghton, A. 07/2003
Conference paper

The 'initial guidance learning project': a framework for exploring the pre-entry informal learning of part time PhD learners
Houghton, A. 2003 Lancaster University. 316 p.
Doctoral Thesis

The many voices of the invisible citizen.
Houghton, A. 2003 In: Adult learning, Citizenship and Community Voices. Leicester : NIACE 232 p. ISBN: 1862011605.

Reaching out and reaching in : listening to parents, families and higher education decision-making, making waves : the impact of research on practice.
Houghton, A. 2002
Conference paper

Reaching out and reaching in.
Houghton, A. 2002 In: Learning and Skills Research: A Journal for Further Education and Lifelong Learning. 5, 3
Journal article

Do experienced educational travellers planning the PhD journey of a lifetime need educational guidance?.
Houghton, A. 3/07/2001
Conference paper

Families and higher education decision-making : a day trip to raise awareness, break barriers and widen participation.
Houghton, A., Sharples, H. 07/2001
Conference paper

Voices from the community : the challenge of creating a culturally relevant curriculum and inclusive learning environment.
Houghton, A., Ali, H. 3/07/2000
Conference paper

A kind of higher education for adult learners in community settings.
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Nurturing social capital in excluded communities : a kind of higher education.
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Voices from the community : parents, education and faith.
Houghton, A., Ali, H. 2000
Conference paper

Voyages of discovery : deciding a convenient time, place and pace to suit adult learners in the community.
Houghton, A. 07/1999
Conference paper

Confidence, communication and citizenship: enterprising community learning
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Voices from the community.
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Journal article

Guidance as research, teaching and learning.
Houghton, A. 6/07/1998
Conference paper

Extending the Guidance Boundaries : an exploration of educative and empowering guidance strategies for learners who have been long term unemployed.
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Guiding differently.
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Journal article

Learning how to work as partners : the 3 MP's - meeting as partners and making plans for mutual progress.
Houghton, A. 05/1997
Conference paper

Extending the guidance boundaries : an exploration of educative and empowering guidance strategies for learners who have been long term unemployed.
Houghton, A. 01/1997
Conference paper

Learning from each other : staff development with community partners and tutors.
Houghton, A. 1997
Conference paper

Guidance and learner support : developing threshold standards.
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Journal article