Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

Director of REAP, Teaching Fellow


Institutional Development Interests

My university widening participation and equality and diversity work links closely with research and teaching interests.

I am a member of the university's Equality and Diversity Committee, the Widening Participation Co-ordinating Group, Disability and Equality and Diversity Networks, Harassment Network and a senior member of Cartmel College.I was an active member of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science Courses Committee from 2004 to 2014.

Inspiring the next generation of researchers: Lancaster Univerisy School University Partnership Initiative
Houghton, A., Taylor, J.E., Wilkinson, A., Baxendale, C.L., Bryan, S., Huttly, S.R.A. 15/04/2018 Lancaster University. 31 p.
Commissioned report

An ongoing challenge and a chance to diversify university outreach to tackle inequality: A reply to OSullivan OTuama and Kenny
Houghton, A. 1/11/2017 In: Global Discourse. 7, 4, p. 539-542. 4 p.
Journal article

Models of support for students with disabilities: Report to HEFCE by Matthew Williams, Emma Pollard, Jamal Langlet (IES) and Ann-Marie Houghton, Joana Zozimo (REAP)
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Commissioned report

Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum: maximising success in higher education
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Commissioned report

Realising value: Supporting widening participation students including student ambassadors to reach out and reach in to draw connections between learning and employability.
Houghton, A., Mashiter, C. 29/06/2017
Conference paper

Accessing and assessing appropriate widening participation data: an exploration of how data are used and by whom
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Journal article

Evaluation of the Cumbria and Lancashire Network for Collaborative Outreach (CLNCO)
Houghton, A., Armstrong, J.E., Holland, N.J. 31/01/2017 REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University/ NHS North Lancashire.. 99 p.
Commissioned report

Understanding provision for students with mental health problems and intensive support needs: Report to HEFCE by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and Researching Equity, Access and Partnership (REAP)
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Commissioned report

Inclusive Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Considerations for effective practice across and within subject areas
Morgan, H., Houghton, A. 05/2011 The Higher Education Academy.
Commissioned report

Families, a hindrance or a help? : the role of families in the transition of disabled learners into higher education.
Houghton, A. 10/09/2009
Conference paper

Students' and professionals' experience, concerns and issues regarding alcohol use by Lancaster students.
Dempster, S., Houghton, A. 2009 Lancaster : REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University/ NHS North Lancashire.
Working paper

Student diversity, the institutional context and the challenge of creating an inclusive learning environment.
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Conference paper

Refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants: steps on the education and employment progression journey
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The role of special educational needs co-ordinators in raising disabled students awareness of summer schools in higher education institutions : barriers and bridges.
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Journal article

Disability and transitions from education to work
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Journal article

Disability effective inclusive policies : DEIP issues of transition, disclosure and identity.
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Conference paper

Disability effective inclusive policies: student and staff perspectives on experiences throughout the student lifecycle
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Who Needs Outreach to Widen Participation?
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Journal article

Connecting policy and practice in the refugee integration agenda.
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Getting through the gate is only the first hurdle: a review of disabled students' support needs throughout the student lifecycle
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An Igglipp or initial guidance learning project : revisiting, revising and reviewing Tough’s notion of a learning project.
Houghton, A. 07/2003
Conference paper

The 'initial guidance learning project': a framework for exploring the pre-entry informal learning of part time PhD learners
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Doctoral Thesis

The many voices of the invisible citizen.
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Reaching out and reaching in : listening to parents, families and higher education decision-making, making waves : the impact of research on practice.
Houghton, A. 2002
Conference paper

Reaching out and reaching in.
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Journal article

Do experienced educational travellers planning the PhD journey of a lifetime need educational guidance?.
Houghton, A. 3/07/2001
Conference paper

Families and higher education decision-making : a day trip to raise awareness, break barriers and widen participation.
Houghton, A., Sharples, H. 07/2001
Conference paper

Voices from the community : the challenge of creating a culturally relevant curriculum and inclusive learning environment.
Houghton, A., Ali, H. 3/07/2000
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A kind of higher education for adult learners in community settings.
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Voices from the community : parents, education and faith.
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Voyages of discovery : deciding a convenient time, place and pace to suit adult learners in the community.
Houghton, A. 07/1999
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Confidence, communication and citizenship: enterprising community learning
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Voices from the community.
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Guidance as research, teaching and learning.
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Extending the Guidance Boundaries : an exploration of educative and empowering guidance strategies for learners who have been long term unemployed.
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Guiding differently.
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Learning how to work as partners : the 3 MP's - meeting as partners and making plans for mutual progress.
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Extending the guidance boundaries : an exploration of educative and empowering guidance strategies for learners who have been long term unemployed.
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Learning from each other : staff development with community partners and tutors.
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Guidance and learner support : developing threshold standards.
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