Dr Nataša Lackovic


Research Overview

My name in the original spelling is: Nataša (Lacković) – pronounced just like “Natasha” in English.

I am a Co-Director of Lancaster University's comics and graphic novels network CGN ReOPeN: http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/reopen/

I am passionate about three main research themes:

1) pictorial images, art and artefact based research and practices in general and higher education, addressing educational and wider community needs; particular interest: photographs, graphic novels/comics, illustrations and street art.

2) multimodality and semiotics of teacher-student practice and research methods in higher education, cross-fertilised with selected theoretical lenses, such as critical and emerging learning theories, and

3) student/teacher/societal well-being, creativity and empowerment.

My interests also include:

  • "University-Creative Industry/Independent Artistic Associations-Community" links and collaboration, such as projects with comic artists
  • Critical views on graduate employability; graduate employability paradigm shift
  • Multiculturality and (im)migration, intercultural competencies, fluid identities, and critical exploirations on how those relate to HE "internationalisation" and "globalization"
  • Student-created (multimodal) resources and artistic acts for new conceptualisations/theorisation of learning in general and HE in particular

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

How 3D objects and pictures of heritage can connect children worldwide
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Other contribution

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