Dr Natasa Lackovic


Research Overview

Natasa's name in the original spelling is: Nataša (Lacković), pronounced just like “Natasha” in English.

Nataša is a Co-Director of Lancaster University's graphic novels and comics network GNC ReOPeN: http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/reopen/ . This is an exciting interdisciplinary university network, pioneering the exploration of relationships among Higher Education, visual communication, graphic narrative, questions of knowledge, pedagogy, society and public engagement.

Her main research and teaching interest is in the field of graphic/visual, digital and multimodal methods and theorisation in education and communication. This includes innovation, learning, public engagement and signifying potential and ideologies of external representations and artefacts (e.g. photography, digital artefacts, 3D artefacts, video, any material object, learning resource, space or place).

Nataša relates to a wide range of approaches, including critical theory, critical media literacy, multi-modality/literacies, semiotics, and the emerging fields of Edusemiotics (a new theory of knowledge and learning), Numanities, and Post-Humanism/ Digital/Truth. Having worked on a number of joint and co-funded UK and international Higher Education projects, her publications up to date reflect my interest in the learning, experiences and being of HE student. Passionate about these research themes:

1) pictorial images, artefact based research and practices in general and higher education, addressing educational and wider community needs; particular interest: photographs, graphic novels/comics, illustrations.

2) multimodality and semiotics of teacher-student practice and research methods in higher education

3) student/teacher/societal well-being, creativity and empowerment.

Nataša's interests also include:

  • "University-Creative Industry/Independent Artistic Associations-Community" links and collaboration, such as projects with comic artists
  • Critical views on graduate employability (GE); GE paradigm shift
  • Multiculturality and (im)migration, intercultural competencies, fluid identities, critical exploirations on how those relate to "internationalisation" and "globalization"
  • Student-created (multimodal) resources and artistic acts for new conceptualisations/theorisation of learning in general and HE in particular

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