Employment and Recruitment Service

‌We are a professional recruitment agency run by Lancaster University operating on-campus. We offer a specialised service to internal and external Hiring Managers looking to appoint students and graduates into temporary or permanent positions.


‌Employing students and graduates provide you with a number of advantages.

They have an advanced capacity for learning and:

  • Bring fresh ideas and new perspectives
  • Seek out responsibilities and take ownership of their workload
  • Rapidly become productive and adapt to the work environment
  • Make dedicated employees
  • Bring transferable skills
  • Will make a positive impact on your organisation

Our fully managed service

‌Our fully managed service offers you a number of options:

  • Active marketing and promotion of your opportunity
  • Access to a wider candidate pool; not limited to Lancaster University students and graduates
  • Augmented recruitment and talent spotting
  • Identity and entitlement to work checks
  • Pre-screening of applicants to your person specification
  • Short-listing of applicants
  • On-campus interviewing facilities
  • Payroll administration
  • Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) 2010 compliance


For your temporary and permanent staffing requirments, please contact us.