Amazing Science

If you're interested in astonomy, ecoology, chemistry or biology, it's all here!

Shape and Space, LICA Event Space

Explore shape, rigidity, knots and more through and build your own geometric structures with staff and students from the Maths & Stats department.

Randomisation Exercise, LICA Event Space

Can headphones improve your reactions in this noisy room? Try out our experiment to see how distracting noise can be when you’re trying to concentrate.

North West Cancer Research, LICA Event Space

Come and find out more about the vital work of the biggest funder of cancer research in Lancaster. Talk to the scientists and try out some activities – including isolating DNA from strawberries!

Tour of the Solar System, LICA Installation Space

Explore our neighbouring planets and take a closer look at the Northern Lights. Marvel at majestic space images and try some hands-on activities.

Sex and Bugs and Rock and Roll, Lancaster Square

Discover the fun side of ecology with our games and activities for all ages. Explore the magical scents of mushrooms or discover how to identify animals from what they leave behind.

CSI and Custard Rockets, Chemistry Foyer

Explore what makes your fingerprints unique using real CSI techniques, launch an indoor rocket powered by hydrogen and custard or enjoy Chemistry’s lab-made ice cream

Observational Astronomy, Talk at 3pm, Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre

Find out how Lancaster staff and students use some of the best telescopes in the world to learn how galaxies form and evolve over billions of years.

Baby Research put in Practice, Babylab, Whewell Building

Based on years of scientific research, Baby Sensory Lancaster will provide fun activities that aim to aid your baby’s development.