On the Day

Welcome to campus! Here's a guide to everything you need to know for your visit

Help and Information

Our friendly staff members will be available at Welcome Stations and around the site. Please ask one of them if you need help, directions or information.

Getting Around

The Community Day takes place across several venues on campus. There will be signs in place to direct you and shuttle buses to link up some venues and to drop you off near to where you parked.

Fire Alarms

All buildings on campus have smoke and fire alarms. If you hear a continuous alarm bell, please evacuate the buildings by the nearest exit and move away from the area. Please follow any directions given by members of staff.

First Aid

First aiders are available at the welcome points. If you require an ambulance, please dial 999 or 444 from any internal phone (this will connect you to security staff, who will direct the ambulance on arrival) or please speak to a member of staff.

Lost Children

Please keep your children with you at all times and don’t leave them unattended during activities. Wristbands for children will be available at the Welcome Stations – parents and guardians can write their contact details on these. If you do become separated from your family and need help to find them, please talk to a member of staff.

Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities

Toilets (including accessible toilets) are located in each building on campus. Baby changing facilities are available in County Bar, Great Hall Complex, Chaplaincy Centre and the Pre-School Centre.

Nursing Rooms

There are rooms located in LICA, Bowland North and the Chaplaincy Centre for mothers who would like to breastfeed their infants in a designated space. Please ask a member of staff for directions.

Food and Drink

There are a variety of food and drink outlets located in and around Alexandra Square, including national chains such as Costa and Subway and independent or university-run outlets

Cash Machines

Free cash machines (Barclays, NatWest and Santander) are located in Alexandra Square.

Smoking on Campus

Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapes) is prohibited in all University buildings, and smokers are asked not to smoke adjacent to building entrances or in enclosed areas.


Dogs are not permitted in University buildings or on University grounds. The only exceptions to this are assistance or working dogs.

Filming and Photography

Filming and photography will take place throughout the day for use in Lancaster University communications and (with your permission) for media coverage of the event.

Lost Property

If you find any lost property, please hand it to a member of staff. All lost property will be held at the welcome points. If, after your visit, you think you have lost something, please contact us at public-events@lancaster.ac.uk or on 01524 510533