Politics and Current Affairs

Examining what's happening in the world today.

Radicalisation: Your Questions Answered, FASS Meeting Room 2 and 3

Who are Britain’s extremists? Why do people become involved in terrorism? What should be done about radicalisation? Explore these questions and more…

Positive Peace in the Community, Chaplincy Centre

We invite local MPs to listen to our concerns and discuss how we might build positive peace between the University and the Morecambe Bay area. From 2.30pm

Men who Experience Sexual Violence from Women (Mature Audiences Only), Bowland North Seminar Room 7

These ‘hidden’ crimes are rarely discussed, so find out more in today’s session, including the results from a new survey which is the first of its kind conducted in the UK.

Blackouts and Social Future, Bowland North Seminar Room 9

Remember Storm Desmond? Come and experience the darkness once more and think about what future disruption may be like. How will we cope in the future?

Civil Courage, Bowland North Seminar Room 19

Most acts of hate violence occur in public places and are witnessed by others, and bystanders can play a significant role at the time of the event and afterwards. Session runs from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

We Can ALL Do Pink! Bowland North Seminar Room 22

Is prink really for girls and blue for boys? Join us as we ‘think pink’ and explore gender roles in early years life and education.

Making Sense of Brexit: Talk at 1.15pm in Bowland North Seminar Room 15

A specialist in British politics and a Professor of Political Economy discuss how they have made sense of the referendum decision to leave the EU.