Tech Trail

If you're interested in amazing technology, look no further!

iLancaster, LICA Foyer

Download an app all about Lancaster, Morecambe and the local area to keep up to date with what’s happening today and much more.

Lasers in Action, LICA Event Space

What’s the use of invisible light? Come and see! 

Factory in a Box: 3D Printer, LICA Event Space

The 3D printer will be in action throughout the day. Come and take a closer look!

Lancaster Racing: Meet the Car, Lancaster Square 

Come and see the Formula Student racing car and meet the Engineering students designing and building a new and improved model.

Campus Map Racing Track, Lancaster Square 

Put your driving skills to the test with our Campus Map Racing Track game! Watch out for Bowland Tower as your swerve around the course in one of our AI super cars to compete for the best time.

Science Hunters, ASH House Computer Labs 

Come and play Minecraft with us and learn about science at the same time!

What does your Smartphone say about you? ASH House Computer Labs

iPhone or Android? Pick your side and find out what the other half think about you with a computer programme developed by our psychologists.

Augmented Reality Sandbox – Flood Simulator, Bowland North Seminar Room 8

In our augmented reality system, you can create mountains, rivers and lakes in the sand and watch what happens as you make the computer simulate rainfall using your hands.

Eye Tracker (Mature Audiences Only), Bowland North Seminar Room 18

Come and participate in a session which involves viewing pictures which vary in emotional content. Which images grab your attention? Which do you avoid? What does this tell you about who you are?

Energy Centre Tour, Energy Centre (near Alexandra Square) 

Take a look at the University’s high-energy boilers, combined heat and power unit (CHP) and associated ancillaries. Tours set off from the Facilities stand in the Learning Zone.