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Joana Zozimo

Joana Zozimo

Research Student

County South
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Location: D67


Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation
Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

I am currently exploring the role of evaluative practices within development education sector.

My interest in the subject of evaluation arose from previous jobs I had as a "monitoring and evaluation" (M&E) program officer, mainly in African countries. In the last ten years I have seen various evaluation experiences based on a variety of assumptions/perceptions and as a result I wanted to expand my understanding of the "evaluation practice" as well as its meaning.

My thesis title is "An exploration of one evaluation process within a development education organisation: a case study." My Phd research enquires into the evaluation process within development education sector, exploring what are the evaluative practices stakeholders do when they conduct one evaluation. I am particularly interested in exploring what people do in the name of evaluation - their evaluation perception - and/or what they recognize to be an evaluative practice. I have conducted a single in-depth case study with longitudinal data collected ethnographically.

If you would like to know more about my research, please do contact me

Selected Publications

Mobile learning and information and communication technology teacher training in MLEARN partner countries

Passey, D. & Zozimo, J. 2014 Lancaster: Lancaster University. 41 p.

Research output: Book/Report/ProceedingsCommissioned report

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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