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Best Interests and the sanctity of life after W v M and Others

Date: 16 January 2013 Time: 2.00 pm

Venue: FASS MR 2

Dr Alex Mullockis a member of staffin Law atUniveristy of Manchester .

A selection of herJournal publications are as follows:

  • A Mullock. "Compromising on Assisted Suicide: Is Turning A Blind Eye Ethical?" Clinical Ethics 7, no. 1(2012) : 7. eScholarID:168177
  • A Mullock. "Deciding the fate of a minimally conscious patient:An unsatisfactory balancing act?" Medical Law Review 20, no. 3(2012) : 10. eScholarID:168172
  • S Ost, A Mullock. "Pushing the boundaries of lawful assisted dying in the Netherlands? Existential suffering and lay assistance." European Journal of Health Law 18(2011) : 163-189. eScholarID:160536
  • A Mullock. "Overlooking the criminally compassionate: what are the implications of prosecutorial policy on encouraging or assisting suicide?" Medical Law Review 18, no. 4(2010) : 442-470. eScholarID:160532
  • A Mullock. "Prosecutors making (bad) law? Commentary on the decision in James." Medical Law Review 17, no. 3(2009) : 290-299. eScholarID:160534

Further details of her presentation will be posted in due course.


Who can attend: Anyone


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Organising departments and research centres: Centre for Bioethics and Medical Law, Law


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