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Janina Iwaniec: The structural equation model of language learning motivation

Date: 21 November 2012 Time: 3:30-5:00

Venue: Bowland North SR 25

The Second Language Learning and Teaching (SLLAT) reseach group are pleased to announce the following event:

The structural equation model of language learning motivation

Janina Iwaniec

Motivation has been proved to be one of the most important factors that influence language learning (Dörnyei, 2005). Consequently, it has been extensively examined in a number of contexts (Gardner & Lambert, 1972; Dörnyei & Csizér, 2002; Kormos & Csizér, 2007; Yashima, 2009; Al-Shehri, 2009; Kormos, Kiddle & Csizér, 2011 ). Despite the fact that English is a compulsory subject in the majority of Polish schools, there has been a dearth of research looking at language learning motivation of Polish pupils. In the present study, 599 Polish pupils from southern Poland aged 15-16 enrolled in compulsory education filled in the motivational questionnaire. The participants were enrolled in one of 10 schools from rural and urban areas. The questionnaire aimed to measure concepts frequently used in motivational research in applied linguistics such as Dörnyei's 2005 ideal L2 self, motivated behaviour, instrumentality, international orientation and knowledge orientation. The questionnaire also contained scales developed on theories from general and educational psychology; namely, the L2 self, self-efficacy beliefs, intrinsic motivation and self-regulation. The data were analysed using the SPSS Package and AMOS. Whereas a number of factors emerged from the analysis, the factor analysis of language learning goals revealed that international orientation cannot be distinguished from knowledge orientation. Furthermore, structural equation modelling has been applied to investigate the latent structure of language learning motivation. In the final model, language learning goals seem to influence self-guides, which in turn promote intrinsic motivation. The latter factor has been found to predict self-regulation best.

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