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Sociology/CeMoRe Seminar with Sondra Cuban on Care Workers, cars and ICTs

Date: 12 February 2013 Time: 4.15 to 6pm

Venue: Bowland North SR 15

Mobile Care Workers, their Cars and ICTs - Tuesday 12 February 2013 - 4.15pm to 6pm - Bowland North SR 15

Using a mobilities framework in an ESRC study that I conducted from 2008-2010 I show the movement of migrant women care workers at work and communicating with family and friends in their local and transnational networks. They were on the go in their cars and cruised to imaginary futures for careers and migrating again, and to virtually connect with family as well as make plans with local friends and colleagues. These ICTs were more than the 'social glue of transnationalism' (Vertovec, 2004) but propelled mobilities in the workplace and beyond. Using a multi-sited approach, ICTs and cars emerged as the chains, paths and threads (Marcus in Buscher and Urry 2009) of the social reproductive work of women migrants.

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Further information

Associated staff: Sondra Cuban

Organising departments and research centres: Applied Social Science, Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Educational Research, Sociology

Keywords: Care homes, Carers Support, Women's narratives, Women's studies


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