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UCREL Corpus Research Seminar: Creating Resources for Arabic Automatic Text Summarisation

Date: 14 February 2013 Time: 2.00-3:00 pm

Venue: FASS Meeting Room 3

UCREL Corpus Research Seminar

Mahmoud El-Haj (SCC, Lancaster University)

This talk describes the creation of resources for Arabic single and multi-document summarisation, including human and system gold-standard summaries. The tasks involved include translating articles from English into Arabic, summarising the translated articles and evaluating the translation and the summarisation quality. These tasks are performed by human evaluators and by using computer tools. The translation is performed by human participants and by the use of machine translation systems. The resources created could help in advancing the research on Arabic natural language processing, especially in the field of single and multi-document summarisation.

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Organising departments and research centres: Computing and Communications, Linguistics and English Language, University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL)


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