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PaSTY talk: The Networked Novel: social semiotic and cognitive approaches, by Paola Trimarco

Date: 29 May 2013 Time: 4.00-5.00 pm

Venue: Bowland North SR 25

The Networked Novel: social semiotic and cognitive approaches

Paola Trimarco (University Campus Suffolk)

Digital fictions, providing more multimodal and interactive texts than traditional print fiction, have altered the way readers interact with texts, authors and fellow readers. This paper focuses on the networked novel, beginning with textual features typically found in online fictions, such as Jinjiang and Inanimate Alice. This will be followed by a closer look at the popular networked novel, Flight Paths by Pullinger and Joseph, by using stylistic frameworks. From social semiotics, which has been used to describe multimodal digital texts (cf. Kress and VanLeeuwen, 2006), the communicative aspects of the story can be approached applying Halliday's metafunctions. This involves, for example, identifying the interpersonal metafunction through the position of participants in images and examining the textual metafunction through features of cohesion for both written words and visual images. From cognitive stylistics, the interrelated collection of narratives in the Flight Paths website (2009-2012) will be approached using Text World Theory, along with the concept of mind styles. Through this discussion, the potential for social semiotics and cognitive stylistics to work together is realised and is shown to be particularly useful in the analysis of reading and interacting with networked novels and other similar digital fictions.

(Co-sponsored by the Department of Linguistics and English Language and the Department of English & Creative Writing)


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