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Drawing Symposium- Walking the Line: Drawing in Other Terrains

Date: 2 July 2013 Time: 10.00 - 16.00

Venue: Peter Scott Gallery

Walking the Line is a LICA research project. Its focus is on artists and creative practices that transport drawing to unusual and challenging situations, both conceptual and actual. Situated where drawing might be counter intuitive or even impossible, they develop new and specialist relationships, languages or modes of drawing.

In contemporary practice there is a growing appetite for working beyond the studio, for seeking out ever more innovative, rare and unusual applications of drawing. This reveals a particularly fluid approach in drawing, and a new sensitivity in which drawing is purposefully used by artists as a way of uncovering, analysing and communicating aspects of lived experience, some of which might normally be the province of other research professionals. As Ruskin suggests, drawing used as a type of 'seeing', an enquiry that enables measurement but above all deep appreciation of the complexity and depth of the world we inhabit.

This approach to drawing marks a shift towards artists asking... not what drawing is, but what it can do.....and does what Steve Garner (2008) argues research in drawing should do, namely to identify 'the borders where the drawing world abuts the world of other disciplines, and to suggest where we might or should explore'.

Despite a number of artists working in this interdisciplinary and 'site-sight-sensitive' way, there has yet to be any substantial research or exhibitions which critically evaluate and reflect upon the collective significance of these practices. This symposium will establish a research network, aim curate researched exhibitions and publications.

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