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New Report from Independent Researchers Confirms Motivations of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Date: 4 May 2012

Using data gathered from thousands of Lancaster-FASS graduates, a new report from CFE - a research and consultancy company specialising in employment and skills - concludes that although financial rewards remain important for arts, humanities and social science graduates, their motivations for study and the associated rewards are much more multifaceted. This report shows that FASS students sought to study subjects they were interested in and enjoyed exploring academically rather than would necessarily secure specific forms of employment. Indeed furthering personal development goals and developing focussed skills around their chosen career paths are key elements that FASS graduates identify as benefits from their time at University. They find that employers need and value the skills that are developed during FASS degrees and recognise that studying arts, humanities and social sciences offers the potential for the development of a broad range of knowledge, capabilities and behaviours which are crucial to the workplace. This means that FASS alumni are able to open doors in a difficult labour market and secure fulfilling jobs while also contributing to the well-being of themselves and society more widely. Therefore it is as important to ensure that these benefits are clearly weighted in any assessment of the outcomes of studying arts, humanities and social science subjects as these aspects are fore-grounded by students, FASS alumni and employers. In light of business requirements for graduates with increasingly global attributes, the value and wider impact of arts, humanities and social science on individuals' holistic development must be more clearly identified and recorded.

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