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Symposium: Integration und Bildung/ Integration and Education

Date: 11 September 2012

As members of the expert advisory board (Expertenrat) of the MInistry for Interior Affairs, Ilan Knapp and Ruth Wodak organised an expert workshop for scholars and practicioners on integration and education for/of migrants, in Austria and across Europe.

See below for details:

The symposium triggered a huge debate about the teaching/learning of German language which is being reported about daily, since 12/09/2012

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This item was reported in: on 13/09/2012


Further information

Associated staff: Ruth Wodak

Associated projects: DYLAN: Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity EU-Sixth-Framework Integrated Project (IP)

Associated departments and research centres: Difference and diversity, Dynamics of Memories, Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Language, Ideology and Power Group (LIP), Linguistics and English Language


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