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Evidence, Politics and Policies

Date: 4 June 2013

This seminar series will continue next year.

There are widespread current concerns about current 'policies' in various domains as failing, marginalising 'good' practices and causing harm. Yet, policies can be seen as evidence based. How does evidence relate to the development of policies and to policies in location of practice? What counts as evidence? For whom? And at what cost?


Thursday June 6th

Rethinking agency and responsibility through policy

Clare Waterton

BNSR25 12-1

Thursday June 13th

Politics of Evidence: Translations, calculations and goverance.

Oscar Javier Maldonado

BNSR25 12-1

Thursday June 20th

Context games in waste managment policy and practices

Natalie Gill

BNSR25 12-1


Further information

Associated staff: Celia Roberts, Vicky Singleton, Claire Waterton

Associated departments and research centres: Sociology


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