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Dr Sara Fovargue

Date: 12 June 2013

Dr Sara Fovargue and Dr Alex Mullock (University of Manchester) have been awarded funding by the Wellcome Trust, under the Society and Ethics scheme, to hold a seminar, "Transforming wrong(s) into right(s): The power of 'proper medical treatment'." This one day seminar will bring together legal academics, bioethicists, regulators and policy-makers to explore 'what is proper medical treatment?' Participants will consider what renders an activity legitimate when otherwise it would not be, the medical exception discussed in Brown, Bland and by the Law Commission. Questions to be considered include what is it about and why is it that X but not Y is regarded as proper medical treatment? Are there, and what are the, inherent differences between treatments which result in these different formal and informal categorisations? Do the ethics raised by X account for the difference or are other factors relevant? For example, if a doctor carries out a procedure does this automatically makes it proper medical treatment? How does public demand and professional responsibility contribute to decisions about what is proper medical treatment?


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Associated departments and research centres: Law


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