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Regional Seminar Series 'Latin America: Dependent No More?'

Date: 30 September 2013

Colleagues at the universities of Manchester, Liverpool and Lancasterhave been awarded funding for aRegional Seminar Series on 'Latin America: Dependent No More?', by the Institute for the Study of the Americas and JISLAC. Over the next year, a series of seminars will be organized on this subject. The application is led by Professors Peter Wade and John Gledhill from Manchester University. Cornelia Graebner (DELC) is co-applicant for Lancaster University and the Latin America Research Cluster.

Seminars this year (details to be confirmed)

16 Oct Liverpool Ericka Beckman (Illinois): 'Rubber/Oil/Banana: The Commodity Order in Twentieth-Century Latin American Fiction'

5 Nov (Tues) Lancaster Deborah Shaw (Portsmouth): 'The Relationship between European Funding Bodies and Latin American Filmmakers: New Forms of Dependencyor New Partnerships?

13 Nov ManchesterVal Fraser (Essex): 'Chilean art in the decades preceding the coup'

27 Nov Liverpool John-AndrewMcNeish (Norway): 'Energy and Resource Sovereignty in Bolivia/ Latin America'

5 Feb Liverpool David Lehmann (Cambridge): 'Multiculturalism and Affirmative Action'

19 Feb Lancaster Oscar Guardiola-Rivera (Birkbeck): 'Lessons from Chile: 40 Years On'

5 March Manchester Evan Killick (Sussex): 'Playing theREDD Game: Politics, People and Climate Change in Bolivia/Latin America'

19 March Lancaster Silvia Posocco (Birkbeck): 'The connection/s between transnational adoption and discourses of genocide in contemporary Guatemala'

30 April Manchester Marieke Riethof (Liverpool): 'Brazil and the International Politics of Climate Change: Leading by Example'

We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by the Institute of Latin American Studies (formerly the Institute for the Study of the Americas).


Further information

Associated staff: Cornelia Graebner, Amit Thakkar

Associated departments and research centres: European Languages and Cultures, Latin America Research Cluster


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