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Ruth Wodak opens Brucknerfest 2013

Date: 24 September 2013

Distinguished Professor Ruth Wodak was invited to give the opening speech (Festrede) at the Brucknerfest 2013 in Linz, Austria on 15 September.

Brucknerfest is an international music festival, dedicated to Anton Bruckner. This year's focus is on 'Forgotten and Banished Music' (banished by the Nazis 1938-1945). Every year, a writer, scholar or artist is invited to give the opening speech and this is the beginning of several weeks of music festival. The President of Austria was also among the speakers. The festival runs until 6 October.

Read the entire speech: Ruth Wodak Europäische Identitäten. Nationalismen und (Sprach-)Barrieren

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