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Dr John Welshman speaks at seminar at Department of Education

Date: 27 September 2013

Dr John Welshman spoke at a seminar on evidence, experts, and bias at the Department for Education, London, on Thursday 26 September 2013.

Organised by History & Policy session was chaired by Shirley Trundle, Director of Children's Social Care, and attended by 50 civil servants. John's paper had the title 'Family Intervention Projects: Discourse, Policy, and Intervention'.

His book Underclass: A History of the Excluded Since 1880, a second edition of the book originally published in 2006, will be published by Bloomsbury on 10 October 2013, with a new chapter on 'Troubled Families and the Coalition Government', and a revised chapter on 'Social Exclusion and the Labour Governments'.


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