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New Undergraduate degree schemes

Date: 1 October 2013

International Relations

Our degree in International Relations will give students a strong grounding in understanding the forces that shape political relations between actors (state and non-state) in the world today. It will engage with key themes within the discipline of International Relations before exploring specific themes and regions, including the changing nature of international security, external intervention, the Middle East, Asia, and the USA. In their first year students will be required to take POLI.100 Understanding Politics and Governance, and in subsequent years they will choose from a range of modules of a more specific theoretical, regional or thematic nature.

International Relations and Religious Diversity

Since the end of the Cold War, religion has increasingly been recognised as a vital aspect of understanding relations between actors operating at all levels of the international system. This degree will combine expertise in International Relations with expertise in world religions. Through the wide range of modules on the programme, students will be able to explore the intersection of International Relations and Religious Diversity in contexts around the globe, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Within these contexts, students in this degree scheme will gain a vital understanding of the impact of religion in shaping the nature of international relations. Students will also be able to examine the ways in which religion plays a key role in both facilitating and restricting political agency.


Further information

Associated departments and research centres: Politics, Philosophy and Religion PPR


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