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Increasing access to audio-visual broadcast materials in schools

Date: 1 October 2013

The licensing agency, Educational Recording Agency (ERA), for educational use of radio and television broadcast and certain additional affiliated online digital resources in the UK, commissioned a report from Professor Don Passey earlier this year. The report, exploring possible ways to develop policies and approaches told enhance teacher access to digital online resources, was published last week by ERA.

Helen Nicholson, Chief Executive of ERA, said of the report: "We welcome Professor Passey's findings. We asked teachers what they needed in the digital age, and they are telling us they want easily accessible, high-quality audio-visual material, from a range of sources, that they can use with legal certainty in the classroom and in their virtual learning environments."

The news report summarises key findings from the research, highlighting: "audio-visual resources are used creatively in the classroom with whole classes, groups within the class and with individual learners. Home access by learners is also encouraged, and home access by teachers is increasingly common. In the digital age, teaching is freeing itself from the confines of the classroom and learning is moving increasingly into the virtual environment. But for teachers, finding what they need can be difficult. In an age of digital abundance, choosing and selecting the right material takes time, and not all teachers know what material is available, where they can access what they need easily, and how they can use these resources in lessons."

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