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Patrick Rebuschat organizes symposium at EUROSLA 2014

Date: 12 May 2014

Patrick Rebuschat and Sible Andringa (Amsterdam) will organize a symposium on "Implicit learning and second language acquisition" at the forthcoming EUROSLA conference in York. The symposium brings together researchers from applied linguistics and cognitive psychology in order to discuss current trends in implicit learning research and to outline future directions to take, both in terms of topics and novel methodologies. The four talks in this colloquium will approach the topic from a highly innovative and interdisciplinary angle. They highlight the strong tendency, within SLA research, for methodological diversification, as data are presented from online and offline experiments as well as results of computational modeling. Sible Andringa and Maja Curcic (both Amsterdam) used eye tracking in an artificial language learning paradigm in order to investigate how learning with and without knowledge of the target rule impacted on how it was processed online. Zoltan Dienes (Sussex) investigated to what extent adult learners of Chinese are able to implicitly learn complex structures (cross serial dependencies and centre embeddings). Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster) and Elizabeth Kissling (Richmond) focused on the nature of implicit knowledge in an experiment on the role of modality change (between training and testing) in the acquisition of L2 syntax. Finally, John Williams (Cambridge) investigated constraints on implicit learning of L2 semantics. The symposium concludes with a brief general discussion.

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