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Brett Bligh seminar: thinking socially about Learning Spaces

Date: 21 April 2015

Brett Bligh has presented an hour-long videoconference seminar summarising some of his work on Learning Spaces to an audience of academics and Univers ... Read more»


Lancaster-Ghana UG Ambassadors scheme 2015

Date: 19 April 2015

On the 22 March 2015, 18 students and 3 staff travelled to Lancaster University's campus in Accra, Ghana as part of the Lancaster-Ghana UG Ambassadors ... Read more»


Elena Semino gives keynote lecture at 4th Conference of the European Narrative Network

Date: 18 April 2015

Elena Semino gives keynote lecture at the 4th Conference of the European Narrative Network in Ghent.ABSTRACT Both met ... Read more»


New Book and film: Cargomobilities edited by Birtchnell, Savitzky and Urry

Date: 17 April 2015

Cargomobilities: Moving Materials in a Global Age Edited by Thomas Birtchnell, University of Wollongong, Australia, Satya Savitzky, University of Lan ... Read more»


50 New Political Minds for the Next 50 Years

Date: 16 April 2015

Call for Applications for a 3 day residential research workshop run by the Richardson Institute, to be held 25-27 August 2015 at Lancaste ... Read more»


Exhibition: Wordsworth, War & Waterloo

Date: 16 April 2015

Exhibition: Wordsworth, War & Waterloo.  The Wordsworth Museum, >Grasmere, Cumbria. 16 March 2015 - 1 November 2015 >  & ... Read more»


MLEARN project presented at Mobile Learning conference 2015

Date: 15 April 2015

Mobile learning has been a focus of educational interest for more than a decade. There is a conference devoted to the topic that is run annually. ... Read more»


Presentation of Project "Children of Survivors" - "Kinderjause"

Date: 14 April 2015

On 14 April, the project "Kinderjause - from marginalisation to the centre of society?" will be presented at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienn ... Read more»


New book from sociology alumnus

Date: 14 April 2015

After academic collaborations such as After the Car (2009 with John Urry), Lancaster Sociology and Centre for Mobilities Research alumnus Kingsley Den ... Read more»


Press Release: Professional Women who Pay for Sexual Services

Date: 13 April 2015

British women are paying for sexual services because they want great sex, are too busy for relationships or do not want to have a conventional r ... Read more»


5th Annual Postgraduate Science and Technology Studies Conference

Date: 13 April 2015

The Department of Sociology and the Centre for Science Studies at Lancaster University hosted the 5th annual postgraduate science and technology studi ... Read more»


Don Passey delivers keynote at IFIP Conference 2015

Date: 12 April 2015

Professor Don Passey has been asked to deliver a keynote at the IFIP 2015 Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.His presentation will focus on concerns ... Read more»


Press Release: City Event Marks a Decade Fighting for Africa's Vulnerable Children

Date: 10 April 2015

A charity launched by a Lancaster University graduate to protect vulnerable children in Africa is celebrating 10 years of work and campaigning w ... Read more»


Don Passey invited to be vice-chair of IFIP international technical committee on Education

Date: 10 April 2015

Professor Don Passey has been invited to be vice-chair of the Technical Committee concerned with education (TC3). The International Federation ... Read more»


Ruth Wodak Keynote Speaker, Conference Media Discourse(s), Naples 9-10 April

Date: 9 April 2015

Ruth is invited as keynote speaker at the Conference "Media Discourse(s): Adaptation, Resilience and Mobility in the Context of Climate-induced M ... Read more»


Press Release: Question Time Panel puts ISIS and the Middle East Crisis Under the Microscope

Date: 9 April 2015

Sixth form students in Northumberland will get a detailed insight into Islamic State and the latest crisis facing the Middle East at a special ‘Qu ... Read more»


Student Law Society wins 'Best Student Engagement' award

Date: 30 March 2015

The student Law Society won the 'Best Student Engagement' award at the Law Society Awards 2015. The society were also nominated for the ... Read more»


Educational Research leading on knowledge and student learning in higher education research centre

Date: 27 March 2015

The Department of Educational Research is playing a major part in a new research centre dedicated to the investigation of higher education and its fut ... Read more»


How Wordsworth was a war poet - Exhibition

Date: 26 March 2015

 A Lancaster academic from the Department of English and Creative Writing is co-curator of a major exhibition that portrays Wordsworth ... Read more»


Paul Farley - Lern Yerself Scouse

Date: 25 March 2015

 Lern Yerself Scouse Writer Paul Farley cooks a pot of Scouse for a party of eminent Liverpudlians to explore the complex flavours and disputed o ... Read more»



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