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FASS626 Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory


Module description

This short series of lunchtime lectures has been set up in response to a recent upsurge in demand for more teaching and debate on the history, theory and practice of feminist scholarship from both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It has therefore been decided to make these lectures 'open' and accessible (ie interested UG as well MA and PhD students will all be invited to attend). The purpose of the lectures is to provide information on the history and politics of a range of feminist schools/approaches along with their associated methodology / textual practice since the evolution of feminist scholarship over the past 40 years is arguably becoming lost to new generations of feminist scholars. The lectures will be given by a consortium of colleagues from across the Faculty but with a focus on the way in which feminism has impacted on the analysis of literature and culture. The different schools/approaches to be discussed will vary from year to year but will include several of the following: materialist feminisms; post-structuralist feminism; feminism and psychoanalysis; 'French Feminism'; feminism and masculinity studies; feminism in performance; queer theory.

The programme is as follows:

Week 5 (10/02/16): Telling the Story of Feminist Theory’s Recent Past, Lynne Pearce (English & Creative Writing)

Week 7 (24/02/16): Feminism and Psychoanalysis, Hilary Hinds (English and Creative Writing)

Week 8 (02/03/16): Feminist and Materialism, Liz Oakley-Brown (English & Creative Writing)

Week 9 (09/03/16): Feminism and Postcolonialism, Lindsey Moore (English & Creative Writing)

Week 10 (16/03/16): Feminism and Masculinities, Brian Baker (English & Creative Writing)

NB Please also note that several 'feminist' modules are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the Faculty under the auspices of the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies (CGWS) through the Sociology Department. Students from all FASS departments are welcome to sign up for these courses. Contact Dr Celia Roberts or Dr Imogen Tyler for more details.


Reading list

Many lectures will include bibliographies of further reading which we will post on the site following the lecture.


Timing and Location




10/02/16 - 16/03/16

Number of sessions:

5 x 1 hour sessions

Timing and Location:

Wednesdays, 1.00-2.00, weeks 15, 17-20

Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre 


Additional information

Minimum quota: 6

Maximum quota: 60


Latest RTP News

RTP 2015-16

Information about the RTP for 2015-16 is being added to these pages as and when it becomes available. Registration is now open and must be done on the RTP registration form.

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