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FASS625 Ethics in Arts & Social Science Research - a self-learning resource


Module description

This self-learning resource is designed to introduce students to some of the key ethical issues that researchers experience and deal with in the process of designing and undertaking their studies. The resource is primarily addressed to students who are studying away from Lancaster and/or who are enrolled part-time and who therefore cannot attend FASS522.

This self-learning resource introduces students to different perspectives on ethics in the context of research projects. It offers ways to engage with these issues in relation to the students' own research. The resource also explains the procedures to gain ethical approval for PhD research at Lancaster University and provides guidance with the application.

As part of this self-learning resource, students will be able to listen to an introductory lecture on ethical issues in the arts and social science prepared by the convenor. They can also listen to the experiences from PhD students who have already gained ethics approval or who are in the process of applying for it.

The resource includes examples of information sheets and consent forms and an introduction to the process of gaining ethics approval required by Lancaster University.

This is a self-learning resource. Students can use the material on this site as and when they wish. The site includes exercises for self-study and suggested answers are included.


Aims and objectives

  • To examine a variety of ethical issues that may arise as part of doing research in the arts and social sciences
  • To help students think through the ethical implications of their own planned research
  • To provide information on Lancaster University's ethics approval process


Reading list

Flynn, Reinicke, L. and Goldsmith, Ronal E. 2012. Case Studies for Ethics in Academic Research in the Social Sciences. Los Angeles: Sage

Macfarlane, B. (2009), Researching with integrity: the ethics of academic enquiry, London, Routledge.

Miller, T., Birch, M., Mauthner, M. and Jesop, J. 2012. Ethics in qualitative research. Los Angeles: Sage.


Timing and Location




05/10/15 - 24/06/16

Number of sessions:


Timing and Location:

online distance learning - available throughout the academic year


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