Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley


Research Overview

Dr Cahill-Ripley's is a specialist in international human rights law. Her particular expertise lies in economic, social and cultural rights including the right to an adequate standard of living; economic and social rights and and peacebuilding (including during conflict and transitional justice); economic, social and cultural rights and sustainable development (including the SDGs) and the rights of women. Dr Cahill-Ripley is also interested in human rights, civil liberties and public law in the UK and Ireland and methods of human rights research. She is currently working on her second monograph to be published with CUP entitled 'Peacebuilding and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights'.

Challenging neoliberalism: making economic and social rights matter in the peacebuilding agenda
Cahill-Ripley, A.J. 31/05/2018 In: Economic and social rights in a neoliberal world. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustaining Peace: An Introduction
Cahill-Ripley, A.J., Hendrick, D. 26/03/2018 Geneva : Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. 48 p.
Other report

Reclaiming the peacebuilding agenda: economic and social rights as a legal framework for building positive peace : a human security plus approach to peace-building
Cahill-Ripley, A.J. 06/2016 In: Human Rights Law Review. 16, 2, p. 223-246. 14 p.
Journal article

Innovative methods of assessment in law: the value of open book exams as a catalyst for improving teaching and learning in the law school
Cahill-Ripley, A. 20/03/2015 In: Law Teacher. 49, 2, p. 206-218. 13 p.
Journal article

Reclaiming the peacebuilding agenda: economic and social rights as a legal framework for building positive peace - a human security plus approach to peacebuilding
Cahill-Ripley, A. 2015
Conference paper

Foregrounding socio-economic rights in transitional justice: realising justice for violations of economic and social rights
Cahill-Ripley, A. 06/2014 In: Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights. 32, 2, p. 183-213. 31 p.
Journal article

The lion’s share of the water: addressing violations of the right to water in the occupied Palestinian territories
Cahill-Ripley, A. 06/2014 In: Essays on human rights. Warsaw : Ius et Lex p. 62-92. 31 p. ISBN: 9788361718246.

'Health and Human Rights’ by Therese Murphy
Cahill-Ripley, A. 2014 In: Medical Law Review. 22, 4, 5 p.
Book/Film/Article review

Liberty and Security by Conor Gearty: Amanda Cahill-Ripley on a radical critique of counter-terrorism
Cahill-Ripley, A. 13/06/2013 Times Higher Education
Book/Film/Article review

Food for Thought: Exploring the Right to Food in Theory and Practice
Cahill-Ripley, A. 03/2012 In: Journal of Human Rights Practice . 4, 1, 8 p.
Book/Film/Article review

The human right to water and its application in the occupied Palestinian territories.
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The human right to adequate food and clean and sufficient water.
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The human right to water - a right of unique status: the legal status and normative content of the right to water
Cahill-Ripley, A. 09/2005 In: International Journal of Human Rights. 9, 3, p. 389-410. 22 p.
Journal article