Dr John Whittaker

Senior Teaching Fellow


After an earlier career in business, John Whittaker obtained a PhD in Nuclear Physics before joining the academic world as an Economist in the 1980s. He taught for several years at the University of Cape Town and has held visiting positions at City University Business School and Nottingham University.

Dr Whittaker's research and teaching experience includes monetary policy, money and banking, macroeconomics and financial economics. Among his publications are papers in the fields of alternative monetary regimes and mathematical economics.

He is currently interested in sovereign debt problems in the eurozone, the operation of the eurosystem, and the response of policy and regulation to the financial crisis and the recession.

From 2004 to 2009 he was a Member of the European Parliament for the UK Independence Party, representing the North West region of UK.

Eurosystem debts do matter
Whittaker, J. 1/02/2016
Other contribution

Central bank-bought government debt is still government debt
Steele, G., Whittaker, J. 27/06/2013
Other contribution

Eurosystem debts, Greece, and the role of banknotes
Whittaker, J. 14/11/2011
Other contribution

Intra-eurosystem debts
Whittaker, J. 30/03/2011
Other contribution

The Gulf currency: lessons from the Euro
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Journal article

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