Our Alumni

Portrait photograph of: Kelsey Robb

Kelsey Robb

BSc Marketing, 2018

Kelsey is currently working as an Associate Account Strategist for Google.

Portrait photograph of: Dan Ghita

Dan Ghita

BBA Management, 2018

Dan has set up his own company, Velo Holidays.

Portrait photograph of: Ben Calvert

Ben Calvert

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

As part of his studies, Ben completed a placement with the Walt Disney Company which helped him develop key skills.

Portrait photograph of: Omar Abdelhamid

Omar Abdelhamid

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2018

Omar has secured a role as Business Development and Commercial Executive at Gridtech.

Portrait photograph of: Lingling Bao

Lingling Bao

BSc Finance and Economics, 2018

Following her undergraduate degree, Lingling is going on to study for her Masters at London School of Economics and Political Science.

Portrait photograph of: Joanna Townsend

Joanna Townsend

BSc Accounting and Finance, 2018

Joanna will be working as a bookkeeper and copywriter after graduation, as well as raising her young family.

Portrait photograph of: Alice Hackett

Alice Hackett

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

Alice will be working as a E-commerce Executive at The Hut Group after her graduation.

Portrait photograph of: Panagiotis Charos

Panagiotis Charos

BSc Economics (Study Abroad), 2018

Panagiotis completed a placement in Indiana, USA, as part of his BSc Economics degree which has helped him gained valuable skills for his future career.

Portrait photograph of: Yi Tao

Yi Tao

BSc Finance, 2018

Yi is going to do MPhil in Finance at University of Cambridge after his graduation.

Portrait photograph of: Raghuveer Ramkumar

Raghuveer Ramkumar

Full-time MBA, 2017

Raghuveer is a Digital Strategy Consultant for Arup Group.