Our Alumni

Portrait photograph of: Ben Calvert

Ben Calvert

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

As part of his studies, Ben completed a placement with the Walt Disney Company which helped him develop key skills.

Portrait photograph of: Alice Hackett

Alice Hackett

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2018

Alice will be working as a E-commerce Executive at The Hut Group after her graduation.

Portrait photograph of: Joanna Townsend

Joanna Townsend

BSc Accounting and Finance, 2018

Joanna will be working as a bookkeeper and copywriter after graduation, as well as raising her young family.

Portrait photograph of: Yi Tao

Yi Tao

BSc Finance, 2018

Yi is going to do MPhil in Finance at University of Cambridge after his graduation.

Portrait photograph of: Franswa Snodgrass

Franswa Snodgrass

Executive MBA, 2017

Franswa is now a General Manager for Transworld London.

Portrait photograph of: Jasmin Lindo-Clarke

Jasmin Lindo-Clarke

Executive MBA, 2017

After graduation, Jasmin has been promoted to a Business Process and Applications Director at Silent Night Group.

Portrait photograph of: Raghuveer Ramkumar

Raghuveer Ramkumar

Full-time MBA, 2017

Raghuveer is a Digital Strategy Consultant for Arup Group.

Portrait photograph of: Zhifang Zhang

Zhifang Zhang

PhD Accounting & Finance , 2017

Zhifang studied for her undergraduate degree in Accounting & Finance and her MRes in Accounting & Finance at LUMS before starting her PhD and now she works in Essex Business School.

Portrait photograph of: Tsitsi Ganga

Tsitsi Ganga

MSc Politics, Philosophy & Management, 2017

Tsitsi is completing further study abroad at a top university in China for a term.

Portrait photograph of: Erum Dahar

Erum Dahar

MSc Politics, Philosophy & Management, 2017

Erum is now travelling in Asia and applying for a PhD.