PhD alumni profiles

With one of Europe's largest PhD programmes in business and management, LUMS provides a really supportive environment for research. Find out what our doctoral graduates think of the research culture at LUMS.




Amy Gibbons

PhD Organisation, Work & Technology, 2012

Amy moved into research administration and business engagement project management after completing her PhD.

Andrew Hawkins

PhD Marketing, 2012

Andrew completed his PhD part-time while working in a senior management role for Microsoft.

Alison Stowell

PhD Organisation, Work & Technology, 2012

Alison completed her MSc ITMOC at Lancaster and subsequently went on to a PhD at LUMS before teaching at University level.

Stephen Allen

PhD in Management Learning & Leadership, 2012

Stephen's PhD examined issues in sustainability. Having made the shift from private sector to academia, he is now a lecturer at Hull University Business School.

Monique Cikaliuk

PhD in Management Learning & Leadership, 2012

Monique is now a research fellow in the New Zealand Leadership Institute at the University of Auckland.

Irina Mikhailava

PhD in Management Learning & Leadership, 2012

Irina's PhD looked at how organisations absorb and assimilate external knowledge. She now works at VU University Amsterdam.

Lixian Qian

PhD Management Science, 2012

Lixian is presently working as a Lecturer at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Matthew MacDonald

PhD in Management, 2012

Matthew received a job as a Teaching Fellow at Leeds University Business School after graduation.

Taghreed Al-Ghaith

PhD Management Science, 2011

Taghreed's PhD is in stakeholder management in information and communication technology strategic projects.

Selen Kars-Unluoglu

PhD in Management Learning & Leadership, 2011

Selen is now a lecturer at UWE Bristol.

Aini Ahmad

PhD Management Learning & Leadership, 2011

Aini undertook her PhD to advance her career at the Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Sonia Konstantinidi

PhD Accounting & Finance, 2011

After graduating from Lancaster University in 2011, Sonia went on to work as an Assistant Professor in Accounting at Cass Business School.