PhD alumni profiles

With one of Europe's largest PhD programmes in business and management, LUMS provides a really supportive environment for research. Find out what our doctoral graduates think of the research culture at LUMS.




Ufuk Gucbilmez

PhD Accounting and Finance, 2011

Ufuk is currently a lecturer in Accounting & Finance at the University of Edinburgh.

Tao Huang

PhD Management Science, 2011

Currently, Tao is working as a Lecturer in Marketing at Kent Business School.

Marc Stigter

PhD Management Learning & Leadership, 2011

Marc studied for his PhD part-time and as an overseas student.

Yuan Huang

PhD Management Science, 2011

Yuan currently works as a Lecturer in Management Science at the University of Southampton Business School.

Piya Ngamcharoenmongkol

PhD Marketing, 2010

After completing his PhD, Piya became a lecturer at NIDA Business School in Thailand.

Santiago Leyva-Botero

PhD in Management, 2010

After five years in financial services in Colombia, Santiago took the MRes in ITMOC before starting his PhD.

Cheryl Brook

PhD in Management Learning & Leadership, 2010

Cheryl did her PhD part-time while working in the NHS, and took action learning in that setting as her focus.

Caroline Biron

PhD in Management, 2010

Caroline is currently an Assistant Professor teaching occupational health and safety at Laval University.

Yachang Zeng

PhD Accounting and Finance, 2010

Yachang is currently working at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as an Assistant Professor in Accounting.

Nigel Peyton

PhD Management Learning & Leadership, 2009

Nigel is now a bishop in the Scottish Episcopal Church. His PhD research focused on the experience of priesthood in the Church of England.

James R Langabeer II

PhD Management Science, 2009

Jim's PhD was in analytical methods for decision making. He is now a member of faculty at the University of Texas.

Allan Discua-Cruz

PhD in Management, 2009

Allan's doctoral studies focused on family businesses and entrepreneurship. He is now a lecturer at LUMS.