Sofia Izquierdo-Sanchez

Country of origin: Spain

Media Economics Lecturer, University of East Anglia

Lancaster University Management School is one of the UK’s top four business schools and is a world- ranked international business school. I was confident that studying at Lancaster University (especially in the Department of Economics) would prepare me for a successful career in the future. Additionally, I was sure that coming to Lancaster would provide me with the opportunity to experience and enjoy the best of the British culture.

The Department of Economics at LUMS provides a friendly environment in which to study your PhD. My supervisors guided me and helped me throughout the process. Furthermore, the members of staff are really friendly and supportive, all of them together definitely made my PhD completion possible.

I was used to living in big to medium cities, therefore my first impression of Lancaster was that it was too small for me. However, I was wrong. I really enjoyed my university life at Lancaster. Throughout the year the University and the different colleges (Graduate College in my case) organised lots of social events, which provided me with the opportunity to meet people and socialise. The University also provides other facilities such as the Sports Centre where you will be able to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.

In Lancaster I trained for my future career and had the opportunity to meet lots of helpful, supporting and caring people who I will never forget and to whom I will always be grateful. Summarising, my experience at Lancaster can be described as fantastic and unforgettable.

The LUMS Careers team helped me to prepare for interviews, gave me examples of a variety of correct answers and they helped me with my mock interviews. Overall they provided me with excellent support!

After Lancaster I moved to the University of East Anglia, where I have a part-time lectureship at the School of Economics and a part-time research position at the Centre for Competition Policy (CCP). On an ad-hoc basis I am also involved in different statistic training programmes at Timberlake Consultants.