Professor Awais Rashid is Director of Security-Lancaster, which is Lancaster University’s research centre on security and protection science and one of the UK government’s recognised academic centres of excellence in cyber security research.
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    With the right tech, online bullies can be outsmarted

    Recent revelations about the frequency with which children experience cyber-bullying have caused alarm among parents, advertisers that feature on social media sites and even the Prime Minister.

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    Understanding Criminal Tactics is Critical to Tackling Cyber Crime

    We don’t need statistics to tell us that cyber crime is one of the biggest challenges facing modern society. There are various figures that highlight the extent of cyber crime – for instance, the US government estimates put the total cost to the world economy at $250bn to $1trillion annually. Other reports have estimated the cost to the UK economy at £27bn per annum. 

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    Mind the Gap: Understanding cyber security risks as business risks

    The world is experiencing a massive growth in highly connected systems and infrastructures – ranging from smart cities to critical infrastructure such as financial systems, power grids, energy, water and manufacturing systems.